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吃水果的好处小学英语作文 小学生四年级英语优秀作文

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It is well-known that fruit is good for our health and we should he more. Do you really understand what benefit it brings to us? Let me show you some.

First of all, fruit is good for our skin. Fruit has rich trace elements and vitamin, which can nourish the skin. The makeup is hard to reach its effect. Besides, some fruit he the effect of delaying senescence for the elements their contain. So, eating more fruit can make skin better and look more beautiful.




Fruit is good for our health. It helps to prevent and treat disease. Fruit is helpful to treat cardiovascular disease, dental ulcer and so on. The people who eat fruit often he less risk to get those diseases.


Last, fruit is delicious. Different fruit he different tastes. Many people like eating it as snacks. For me, eating delicious food can make me feel happy. I often eat apple, pear, banana, litchi and so on. I like them.


To sum up, fruit is really good for us, inside and outside. We should take some in our daily life, but we should not eat excessively.



In summer, the weather is hot. We should drink more water, because we sweat a lot in hot days. But I prefer to eat fruits. Watermelon, apple and grape are my most forites. They are all rich in water. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fruits are good to our body. There are many kinds of vitamins in fruits. Besides, some people do not like drinking water, so they can eat fruits instead. I am one of them.

夏天天气很热,我们应该喝更多的水因为热天我们留很多汗,但是我喜欢吃水果。西瓜,苹果核葡萄是我最喜欢的水果,它们含有丰富的水分。有一个说法是:一天一苹果,医生远离我。 水果对我们的身体有好处,水果中含有多种维生素。此外,有的人不喜欢喝水,所以他们吃水果代替。我也是他们其中之一。




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