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中考英语词汇分类专练I. 单词拼写(A)请根据词义填词,首字母已给出。1. a_________ (be able to meet the cost of)2. c_________ (a kind of thing for taking photos)3. j_________ (bee a member of)4. r_________ (give or pay something back; e or go back)5. q_________ (a line of people waiting for something)6. i__________ (a piece of land with water all round it)7. p_________ (a person who is being treated in a hospital)8. f_________ (fail to remember)9. S_________ (the first day of the week)10. w________ (not hing, not with)(B)根据句子意思,写出下列划线部分的对应词,注意正确形式。1. I can ride a bike. It’s easy. But I can’t drive a car. It’s too _________.2. We must se water, don’t __________ it..3. I like milk with sugar, but my brother likes milk _________ sugar.4. My mum cooked both cabbage and peas, but my grandma could eat ________ of them.5. My sister wants something nice to eat, but there isn’t _________ in the fridge.6. A policeman carried him to __________ when he was in danger.7. Lucy, your hands are very __________, but Lily’s are clean.8. Mike does well in English, but he is __________ in maths.9. The girl is a short student. Any other student in the class is __________ than her.10. –You can’t lee home now.-All right. I _________ at home.(C)根据句意填入适当的词。1. Lin Tao was first _________ the finishing line.2. When it’s ________ in China, it’s autumn in Australia.3. In England, the family name es _________.4. Everyone in the doctor’s waiting room ________ at the woman’s mistake.5. The brother of one’s father or mother is _________.6. You may borrow my puter, but you mustn’t _________ it to others.7. The wind is ________ heily. It seems to rain soon.8. Could you say it more _________? I can’t follow you.9. There are so many policemen over there. What’s ________ in the street? An accident?10. We often ________ books or magazines from our school library.11. I didn’t finish my homework yesterday. My teacher was _________ with me.12. My brother is going ________ because he wants to buy some school things for himself.13. If someone says something that you do not hear, you can say “___!”, so they will say it again.14. –Do you eat your _________ before going to school?-Not if I get up late.15. –Could I speak to your manager, please?-I’m afraid she’s not here at the __________.(D)根据句意及汉语提示,在下列各句空缺处写出各词的正确形式。1. Would you please _________ (打开) the window? It is too hot inside.2. When I walked _________ (经过) the house yesterday, I heard someone singing in English.3. Every understood what the policeman said __________ (除了……以外) me.4. This time last night I was __________ (躺) in bed.5. The supermarket also sells different kinds of __________ (蔬菜).6. The newly-built dinning fall over five __________ (百) seats.7. The man took off his boots and put them under his bed very ___________ (轻轻地).8. Newton wondered why the apple __________ (落下) to the ground instead of into the air.9. We cleaned the classroom __________ (两次) a day those days.10. It’s very important for us to _________ (保护) the environment around again.11. The book is rather interesting. I think it’s __________ (值得) reading again.12. Thank you for _________ (借) me your dictionary. I’ll return it to you soon.13. What was the population at the end of __________

(二十) century in China?14. puters are __________ (广泛地) used both at home and at work.15. We should do something to stop waste water from __________ (污染) rivers and lake.16. I think Yao Ming is one of the __________ (好) basketball players at the moment.17. Our teachers often search the __________ (互联网) for useful information.18. Everyone in my class __________ (担忧) about the ing exam.19. After three _________ (月) study, the scientists worked out the physics problem.20. You should read the ___________ (说明) before you use the medicine.21. There are many newspapers and __________ (杂志) in the reading room.22. Jack lives with us, but he __________ (几乎不) knows any Chinese.23. That’s too expensive! He you got anything __________ (便宜)?24. We all know forty-five minutes is three ___________ (时刻).25. Thousands of people lost their __________ (生命) in the earthquake.26. It’s best for you to go to bed ___________ (早点儿) tonight.27. Won’t go climbing the mountain if it __________ (下雨) tomorrow.28. English is _________ (说) by more than 400 million people as their first language.29. Large number of __________ (塑料) bags are used in supermarkets every day.30. Except some birds, what __________ (别的) can you see in the sky?(E)根据句意及所给首字母提示,写出完整、正确的单词。1. The building has nine floors, and he lives on the t__________ floor.2. ON the night of Mid-autumn Day, we can see the round m__________ in the sky.3. With the teacher’s help, I’ve c__________ up with the others.4. She is afraid of getting fatter. So she p__________ vegetables.5. –The key was on the table just now. But where is it now?-M_________ you’ve put it in your pocket.6. Summer is the h__________ season of the year in Yancheng.7. You he more pens than I, but m__________ are better than yours.8. She made up her m__________ to join the working team to serve the people in poor village.9. Mobile phones must be kept off d__________ the meeting.10. Mr. Green is p________. He doesn’t he much

money.11. She wanted to be a teacher, but she became a doctor i__________.12. My brother often f__________ kites on Saturday morning.13. The baby is crying. It’s time to f__________ her some food.14. Last night, Chinese football team was a__________ Japanese team. We beat them with the score of 2—0.15. Mary, would you please tell me your new a__________ so that I can write to you?16. Father got up late this morning and m__________ the 6:00 train.17.-Who lives farthest in our class?-Li Lei does. He lives at 1_________ 20 miles away from our school.18. Don’t quarrel with her. That’s a w_________ of time.19. It is said that Sudan-I (苏丹一号) is bad for people’s h__________.20. He got up very late. So he hurried to school w_________ breakfast.21. –Let’s go and play tennis.-I’d love to. But my tennis shoes are w__________ out.22. Edison n_________ ge up trying out his ideas no matter how hard it was.23. Beethoven’s music was so beautiful that all of us lost o_________ in it.24. “C________ your mistakes, and you’re still a good boy,” Mr. Li said to Jack.25. I like black and red. But my f_________ colour is blue.26. Don’t spit in p________ places. It is bad manners.27. He stood up and greeted us with a smile when we e________ the room.28. Don’t be afraid to talk with foreigners. It’s a good c________ to practice your spoken English.29. Many new kinds of cars were on d_________ in the modern museum last week.30. He didn’t want to go to the party and left an e__________ saying that he had something else to do.II. 词形转换根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空。1. His sister sings well. She has a _________ (please) voice.2. We feel sorry that Chen Yifei, a famous __________ (paint), died when he was fifty-nine.3. Liu Xiang got the _________ (one) in his petition of the 2004 Olympic Games.4. Please make a _________ (shop) list before you go out to buy things.5. I’m really glad to he you all here, so please help _________ (you).6. When he saw the boy was in danger, Edison rushed out and carried him to _________ (safe).7. I think English is very useful. Are you _________ (interest) in it?8. The _________ (shelf) in his study are full of science books.9. The Greens live on the _________ (nine) floor of the tall building.10. His sudden _________ (die) made all his friends surprised and sad.11. Another two pupils _________ (success) swam across the Qiongzhou Channel on June 2, 2005.12. Mr. Wu will never fet his _________ (enjoy) journey to Guilin last summer.13. I don’t think Bill’s spoken English is ________ (bad) than Jim’s.14. Could you tell me how much you paid for this _________ (wool) sweater?15. The puter is regarded as an important __________ (invent) in the 20th century.16. Helen had an accident yesterday. Luckily, she didn’t hurt _________ (she).”17. It was very cold outside and there were few _________ (run) on road this morning.18. Li Lei is _________ (terrible) ill. Please take him to the hospital at once.19. The farmers are singing and dancing _________ (happy) for the harvest.20. China is one of the _________ (large) countries in the world.21. When there was a knock at the door, the man downstairs was just falling _________ (sleep).22. Thanks to space satellites, the world __________ (it) is being a much smaller place.23. The man goes to the doctor to clean his _________ (tooth) every two months.24. As a ________ (library), she works to serve readers.25. The more exercise you take, the __________ (health) you’ll like.26. _________ (like) his brother, Tom is more interested in history.27. Our way of learning English is a lot better than _________ (they).28. What a _________ (rain) day! We he to stay at home.29. Everyone should make a contribution to __________ (improve) the environment.30. I’m afraid he’s made the wrong _________ (decide) on that matter.参考答案I. (A). 1. afford 2. camera 3. join 4. return 5. queue 6. island(B). 1. hard/ difficult 2. waster 3. without 4. neither 5. anything 6. safety 7. dirty 8. weak 9. taller 10. stay(C). 1. past 2. spring 3. last 4. laughed 5. uncle 6. lend 7. blowing 8. slowly 9. happening 10. borrow 11. angry 12. shopping 13. Pardon 14. breakfast 15. moment(D). 1. open 2. pass 3. except 4. lying 5. vegetables 6. hundred 7. quietly 8. fell 9. twice 10. protect 11. worth 12. lending 13. twentieth 14. widely 15. polluting 16. best 17. Inter 18. worries 19. months’ 20. instruction 21. magazines 22. hardly 23. cheap 24. quarters 25. lives 26. earlier 27. rains 28. spoken 29. plastic 30. else(E). 1. third 2. moon 3. caught 4. prefers 5. Maybe 6. hottest7. mine 8. mind 9. during 10. poor 11. instead 12. flies 13. feed 14. against 15. address 16. missed 17. least 18. waste 19. health 20. without 21. worn 22. never 23. ourselves 24. Correct 25. fourite 26. public 27. entered 28. chance 29. display 30. excuseII. 1. pleasant 2. painter 3. first 4. shopping 5. yourselves 6. safety 7. interested 8. shelves 9. ninth 10. death 11. successfully 12. enjoyable 13. worse 14. woolen 15. invention 16. herself 17. runner 18. terribly 19. happily 20. largest 21. asleep 22. itself 23. teeth 24. librarian 25. healthier 26. Unlike 27. theirs 28. rainy 29. improving 30. decision




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