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初一英语:初一英语单元测试试卷 英语试题:新目标初

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[英语试题:新目标初一英语下学期期中考试题]新目标七年级下学期英语期中考试卷满分100分 时间 90分钟一. 根据首字母提示写出单词(10%)1. There is a l______ in our school. We often do some reading in it.2. Go s________ and turn left, it’s next to the pop music.3. He is l_____ on a beach and reading a book.4. She wants to be a shop a___________.5. The supermarket is a_______ from the bank.6. What o____ animals do you like?7. They e from C_______...+阅读


Name: ________ Scores: ________
  ( )
  1. everyone at school yesterday?
  A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Were
  ( )
  2. — What did you do yesterday?
  — I went my uncle.
  A. visit B. visiting C. visited D. to visit
  ( )
  3. Last weekend he up very early and to a beach.
  A. gets; goes B. got; goes C. gets;went D. got;went
  ( )
  4. We football, but we tennis yesterday.
  A. didn’t play; played B. not play; play
  C. don’t play; played D. didn’t play; play
  ( )
  5. mother cooked dinner for .
  A. She; she B. Her; hers C. Hers; her D. Her; her
  ( )
  6. They found a cat after a ball yesterday.
  A. running B. to run C. ran D. runing
  ( )
  7. His funny jokes made every student .
  A. to laugh B. laughing C. laugh D. laughed
  ( )
  8. They would like to the zoo first.
  A. go B. to go C. goes D. going
  ( )
  9. Old Henry went for walk with Wangwang.
  A. a B. / C. the D. an
  ( )
  10. — you clean the classroom yesterday? — No, I .
  A. Did; don’t B. Don’t; do C. Did; didn’t D. Do; didn’t
  ( )
  11. Did Vera her food?
  A. enjoys B. enjoyed C. enjoy D. enjoying
  ( )
  12. — did you go on vacation?
  — I went to summer camp.
  A. Where B. When C. Who D. What
  ( )
  13. He ate a lot at lunch because the food was very .
  A. expensive B. inexpensive C. awful D. delicious
  ( )
  14. — We are going camping. — .
  A. Had great fun B. He fun C. He a fun D. Has fun
  ( )
  15. — Why do you stay at home? —I just want to go out.
  A. didn’t B. am not C. don’t D. doesn’t
  Yesterday was Sunday. We went to the 1 . What 2 we had at the seaside! First, we ran after each other and 3 games on the beach. Then we sang and 4 on the beach. At last we went 5 in the water. We played balls in the water. We had some 6 for lunch on the beach in the sun. The food was 7 because we were very hungry. In the afternoon, we climbed(爬) 8 the near the beach and on the top of the hills we picked(摘) many 9 . We put the flowers on our heads. We were very 10 but very happy. We had a great day.
  ( )
  1. A. mountains B. museum C. city D. beach
  ( )
  2. A. fun B. funny C. happy D. happily
  ( )
  3. A. play B. plays C. played D. to play
  ( )
  4. A. danced B. dancing C. to dance D. dances
  ( )
  5. A. swim B. swims C. swimming D. to swim
  ( )
  6. A. drink B. meat C. vegetables D. food
  ( )
  7. A. good B. delicious C. fine D. nice
  ( )
  8. A. trees B. mountains C. houses D. buildings
  ( )
  9. A. apples B. oranges C. bananas D. flowers
  ( )
  10. A. glad B. sorry C. tired D. sad
  Maria had a wonderful vacation. She went to Hawaii because she liked fruit and the Hawaiian bananas and oranges were great. The weather was very good, too. On Monday she went to the beach and visited four museums. The museums were interesting and not very crowded. On Tuesday she went to the mountains. On Wednesday she visited an old friend. They went to the movies on Wednesday evening. The movie was very funny. The vacation cost$5000, but Maria had a wonderful time.
  ( )
  1. The weather in Hawaii was .
  A. cold B. hot C. sunny D. rainy
  ( )
  2. Maria likes .
  A. fruit B. cola C. juice D. apples
  ( )
  3. Maria and her friends went to the movies on .
  A. Saturday morning B. Wednesday evening
  C. Sunday evening D. Monday morning
  ( )
  4. The vacation cost Maria .
  A. $300 B. $3000 C. $500 D. $5000
  ( )
  5. Maria’s vacation was .
  A. terrible B. awful C. boring D. funny
  This is the first week of this term(学期), and we he some new teachers. They are very friendly. Mr Green teaches us English. His English is very good. He often speaks much English in class. Sometimes he speaks a little Chinese. Mr Green draws weel and sings well. We like his lessons very much. After class, Mr Green talks to us and plays games with us. He is very nice. We like him very much.
  Mr Green is a tall man. His home is near the school. There are four people in his family. Mr Green, Mrs Green and their two little children. The two brothers are twins(双胞胎). They are five. Sometimes I go to play with them. I like them and they like me.
  ( )
  6. What does Mr Green teach?
  A. English. B. Chinese. C. Art. D. Music.
  ( )
  7. Does Mr Green speak Chinese in class?
  A. Yes, he speaks only Chinese.
  B. Yes, he speaks much Chinese.
  C. Yes, he speaks much Chinese.
  D. No, he can’t speak Chinese
  ( )
  8. After class, what does Mr Green do?
  A. He sings with the students.
  B. He draws with the students.
  C. He talks to the students and plays games with them.
  D. He looks after his children.
  ( )
  9. How many children does he he?
  A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.
  ( )
  10. Which of the following is true?
  A. The twin brothers are our classmates.
  B. Mr Green is tall.
  C. The Green family lives in our school.
  D. Mr Green is Chinese.
  A. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  1. she (he) breakfast this morning?
  2. She (be not) a worker, but now she (be) a worker.
  3. Let me (go) with you.
  4. The old man (sit) there just now(刚才).
  5. I (buy) a bike last week.
  6. It’s (real) cold. I he to wear warm clothes.
  7. I saw some (sing) yesterday.
  8. What about (visit) the museum?
  9. The (woman) teachers over there are very nice.
  10. (Canada) speak English and French.
  B. 请根据汉语提示,用适当的形式写出句中的单词。
  1. She likes to watch her son (踢足球).
  2. What about (看) a film this evening?
  3. Does Mr Wang often (讲) jokes?
  4. They (决定) to play basketball after school yesterday.
  5. There are some pictures on the (墙).




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