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星球大战第二部第三章(1) 星球大战第二部第五章4

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[星球第二部第五章4]Other snowspeeders passed Wedge, racing in the opposite direction. He steered his craft on a direct course toward another walking death machine. As he approached the monster, Wedge shouted to his gunner, Activate harpoon.! The gunner pressed the firing switch as his pilot daringly maneuvered their craft through the walker's legs. Immediately the harpoon whooshed from the rear of the speeder, a l...+阅读


Artoo-Detoo stood just outside the entrance to the secret Rebel ice hangar, dusted with a layer of snow that had settled over his plug-shaped body. His inner timing mechanisms knew he had waited here a long time and his optical sensor told him that the sky was dark.
  But the R2 unit was concerned only with his built-in probe-sensors that were still sending signals across the ice fields. His long and earnest sensor-search for the missing Luke Skywalker and Han Solo had not turned up a thing.
  The stout droid began beeping nervously when Threepio approached him, plodding stiffly through the snow.
  "Artoo," the gold-colored robot inclined the upper half of his form at the hip joints, "there’s nothing more you can do. You must e inside." Threepio straightened to his full height again, simulating a human shiver as the night winds howled past his gleaming hull. "Artoo, my joints are freezing up. Will you hurry…please?…" But before he could finish his own sentence, Threepio was hurrying back toward the hangar entrance.
  Hoth’s sky was then entirely black with night, and Princess Leia ana stood inside the Rebel base entrance, maintaining a worried vigil. She shivered in the night wind as she tried to see into the Hoth darkness. Waiting near a deeply concerned Major Derlin, her mind was somewhere out on the ice fields.
  The giant Wookiee sat nearby, his maned head lifting quickly from his hairy hands as the two droids Threepio and Artoo reentered the hangar.
  Threepio was humanly distraught. "Artoo has not been able to pick up any signals," he reported, fretting, "although he feels his range is probably too limited to cause us to give up hope." Still, very little confidence could be detected in Threepio’s artificial voice.
  Leia ge the taller droid a nod of acknowledgment, but did not speak. Her thoughts were occupied with the pair of missing heroes. Most disturbing to her was that she found her mind focused on one of the two: a dark-haired Corellian w
hose words were not always to be taken literally.
  As the princess kept watch, Major Derlin turned to acknowledge a Rebel lieutenant reporting in. "All patrols are now in except Solo and Skywalker, sir." The major looked over at Princess Leia. "Your Highness," he said, his voice weighty with regret, "nothing more can be done tonight. The temperature is dropping fast. The shield doors must be closed. I’m sorry." Derlin waited a moment, then addressed the lieutenant. "Close the doors." The Rebel officer turned to carry out Derlin’s order and immediately the chamber of ice seemed to drop even more in temperature as the mournful Wookiee howled his grief.
  "The speeders should be ready in the morning," the major said to Leia.
  "They’ll make the search easier." Not really expecting an affirmative reply, Leia asked, "Is there any chance of their surviving until the morning?" "Slim," Major Derlin answered with grim honesty. "But yes, there’s a chance." In response to the major’s words, Artoo began to operate the miniature puters inside his barrel-like metal body, taking only moments to juggle numerous sets of mathematical putations, and climaxing his figurings with a series of triumphant beeps.
  "Ma’am," Threepio interpreted, "Artoo says the chances against survival are seven hundred twenty-five to one." Then, tilting toward the shorter robot, the protocol droid grumbled, "Actually, I don’t think we needed to know that." No one responded to Threepio’s translation. For several prolonged moments there was a solemn silence, broken only by the echoing clang of metal slamming against metal: the huge doors of the Rebel base were closed for the night. It was as if some heartless deity had officially severed the assembled group from the two men out on the ice plains and had, with a metallic bang, announced their deaths.
  Chewbacca led out another suffering howl.
  And a silent prayer, often spoken on an erstwhile world called Alderaan, crept into Leia’s thoughts.




星球第二部第五章3On the ground, the gun towers near the Rebel power generators blasted away at the walking Imperial machines, but with no apparent effect. Imperial weapons bombarded the area all around them, blasting the snow skyward, almost blinding their human targets with the continuous onslaught. The officer who had first seen the incredible machines and fought alongside his men, was one of the first to be cut...
星球第二部第六章4Imperial stormtroopers, acpanied by the rapidly moving Darth Vader, thundered through the ice corridors of the Rebel base. Their pace quickened as they rushed in the direction of the low whine ing from the ion engines. Vader’s body tensed slightly as, entering the hangar, he perceived the familiar saucer-shaped form of the Millennium Falcon.Within the battered freighter ship, Han Solo and Chewbac...
星球第二部第五章2Luke saw the horizon tilt as he maneuvered his speeder between the walker's jointed legs and soared out from under the monster machine. Bringing his speeder back to horizontal flight, the young mander contacted his panion ship.Rogue Leader to Rogue Three. Copy, Rogue Leader, acknowledged Wedge, the pilot of Rogue Three.Wedge, Luke called into his link, split your squad into pairs. Luke's s...
星球第二部第六章2Looking out across the white battlefield, the Rebel officer watched the remaining snowspeeders whisking through the air and the last of the Imperial vehicles as they passed the wreckage of the exploded walker. He flipped on his link and heard the order to retreat: Disengage, disengage. Begin retreat action. As he signaled his men to move back inside the ice cern, he noticed that the lead walker...
星球第二部第六章1The Rebel mand center, its walls and ceiling still shaking and cracking under the force of the battle on the surface, was attempting to operate amid the destruction.Pipes, torn apart by the blasting, belched sprays of scalding stem. The white floor were littered with broken pieces of machinery and chunks of ice were scattered everywhere. Except for the distant rumbling of laser fire, the mand cent...
星球第二部第六章6Darth Vader, a ren specter, quickly strode through the ruins of the Rebel ice fortress, forcing his acpanying men into a brisk jog to keep up. As they moved through the corridors, Admiral Piett rushed up to overtake his master.Seventeen ships destroyed, he reported to the Dark Lord. We don’t know how many got away. Without turning his head, Vader snarled through his mask, The Millennium Falc...
星球第二部第四章2Admiral Ozzel, responding to Vader’s summons, stepped forward, his face almost filling the Dark Lord’s monitor screen. There was trepidation in Ozzel’s voice when he announced, Lord Vader, the fleet has moved out of light-speed— But Vader’s reply was addressed to the officer standing slightly behind Ozzel.Captain Piett. Knowing better than to delay, Captain Piett stepped forward instantly...
星球第二部第七章5Soon, Lord Vader, the admiral answered, trembling in fear.Yes, Admiral… Darth Vader said slowly, …soon. Two gigantic asteroids hurtled toward the Millennium Falcon. Its pilot quickly made a daring banking maneuver that brought it skirring out of the path of those two asteroids, nearly to collide with a third.As the Falcon darted in and out of the asteroid field, it was followed closely by...
星球第二部第二章2The roars of another Wampa Ice Creature finally awakened the battered young Rebel mander. Luke’s head was spinning, aching, perhaps exploding for all he could tell. With painstaking effort he brought his vision into focus, discerning that he was in an ice ge, its jagged walls reflecting the fading twilight.He suddenly realized he was hanging upside down, arms dangling and fingertips some thirty c...