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初一英语下期末测试 初一英语:初一英语单元测试试卷

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[初一英语:初一英语单元测试试卷]Name: ________ Scores: ________一、单项选择。(15分)( )1. everyone at school yesterday?A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Were( )2. — What did you do yesterday?— I went my uncle.A. visit B. visiting C. visited D. to visit( )3. Last weekend he up very early and to a beach.A. gets; goes B. got; goes C. gets;went D. got;went( )4. We football, but we tennis yesterday.A. didn’t play; played B. not play; playC. d...+阅读


班级:_____ 座号:_____ 姓名:_____ 分数:_____
  Weather 天气
  Personalities 性格
  Animals 动物
  Places 地点
  1. This is the ________ of the garden tour.
  2. She ________ wear pants and a T-shirt.
  3. Mr Smith is a short man ________ long hair.
  4. I had great fun ________ in the water.
  5. We can't ________ late for class.
  ( )
  1. -----How's it going, Did -----Pretty (well/good).
  ( )
  2. ( Don't / Doesn't) listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways.
  ( )
  3. -----When (was/were) you born -----On May 21st, 199
  ( )
  4. -----What are they doing now -----They are (playing/play).
  ( )
  5. I can't (stand/mind) the idea that old people can't be beautiful.
  ( )
  6. The weather is very hot. The children are (swim/swimming) in the water.
  ( )
  7. -----What does the man look like -----He's very (easygoing/short).
  ( )
  8. -----Where are the country CDs -----They are (straight/behind) the pop music.
  ( )
  1. After dinner he often ________ in the park.
  A. take a walking B. take a walk C. taking a walk D. takes a walk
  ( )
  2. What language does she ________
  A. tell B. speak C. talk D. say
  ( )
  3. She ________ the teacher carefully, but didn't ________ anything.
  A. listens to, hear B. listened to, hear C. hears, listened to D. hears, listens to
  ( )
  4. -----Do you know what they did over the weekend -----They ________.
  A. play soccer B. goes to movies C. went shopping D. stay home
  ( )
  5. He didn't he ________ money for a taxi, ________ he walked back to the hotel.
  A. any, and B. much, because C. any, so D. some, so
  ( )
  6. The strict teacher often makes ________ very tired.
  A. we B. our C. us D. ours
  ( )
  7. Mother was always the first one ________ in the morning.
  A. get up B. to get up C. gets up D. got up
  ( )
  8.There ________ a ruler and two pens on the desk.
  A. is B. are C. am D. be
  ( )
  9. One of my ________ is from the USA.
  A. dictionary B. dictionaries C. dictionarys D. dictionaris
  ( )
  10. What does you brother do
  A. He works very hard. B. He is outgoing and friendly.
  C. He is a sales assistant. D. He is tall with curly hair.
  A.Fine, thank you. What about you
  B.No, she's short.
  C.I'm fine, too. Do you know I he a new friend in Class Five
  D.I think I know her. She always wears a red dress and white shoes.
  E.Hi, Lucy.
  F.Is she tall
  G.She has long, black hair and big eyes.
  H.Yes, that's her. Her name is Nancy.
  I.Hi, Kate. How are you
  J.What does she look like
  1. ________
  2. ________
  3. ________
  4. ________
  5. ________
  6. ________
  7. ________
  8. ________
  9. ________
  10. ________
  1. A:_____________________________________ B:No, I can't.
  2. A:_____________________________________ B:It was windy last Saturday.
  3. A:_____________________________________ B:I went to Shanghai on vacation.
  4. A:_____________________________________ B:Mr Smith works in a bank.
  5. A:_____________________________________ B:Because they are very cute.
  完型填空 阅读理解(共25分)
  Kate is a little girl. She is not ____1____ . She ____2____ how to read ____3____ write. But her sister Mary is a ____4____ . She is ten.
  One day, Mary ____5____ her little sister in the room. She's at the table. There is a pencil in ____6____ hand(手). She is ____7____ .
  "What are you doing, Kate " she asked.
  "I'm writing ____8____ my friend, Rose," says Kate.
  "____9____ how can you You don't know how to write," says her sister.
  "Well," says Kate, "It doesn't matter.(没关系). Rose doesn't know how to __10__ , either(也)."
  Kim went to a beautiful beach on Monday with his friends . It was sunny and hot. So they had great fun playing in the water. In the afternoon, they went shopping. But the shops were crowded, they didn't really enjoy it.
  The next day, it was rainy, so they went to a museum. It was boring. Kim found a small boy crying in the corner. The boy was lost. He helped the boy find his father. Kim was very happy. But he had no money for a taxi. So he had to walked back to the hotel. That made him very tired.
  On Wednesday, the weather was very cool. So they played tennis. They played all morning. It was really fun.
  Mrs Wilson is medium height with curly hair. She es from Australia. She is our math teacher. But I don't like math. It's too difficult and boring. Mrs Wilson is 25 years old. She is very shy and kind of serious. She never plays games with us. She often goes to movies on weekends. And she enjoys reading very much. She has lots of books in her bedroom.
  Jim, Kate and Li Ming are doing the homework together
  (一起). Jim's spelling of "Moday" is wrong (错误). Kate tells him about it. Li Ming wants to borrow (借) an eraser from Jim or Kate. Jim says he has one and gives it to Li Ming. Li Ming thanks Jim for his help. Jim says, "You're wele". Now Jim says "Thanks very much" to Kate for her help. Kate says "That's all right". The three children are students in a school in Beijing. Jim is from London. Kate is from New York. Li Ming is a Chinese girl. They are good friends. They often do homework and play games together. They often help each other (互相).
  ( )
  6. Jim is ________ .
  A. an English girl B. an American girl
  C. an English boy D. an American boy
  ( )
  7. Kate helps Jim with ________.
  A. his spelling B. an eraser C. a ruler D. a pencil
  ( )
  8. Li Ming borrows ________ .
  A. an eraser from Kate B. an eraser from Jim
  C. a ruler from Kate D. a ruler from Jim
  ( )
  9. The three students are ________ .
  A. not in the same class B. in U.K. C. in Beijing D. in USA
  ( )
  10. They are ________ .
  A. doing homework B. playing games
  C. reading D. cleaning the room




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