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写诚实的初中英语作文 《大学英语四级考试写作专项突

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[英语四级考试写作专项突破十一]2002.12真题Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a position on the topic:It Pays to Be Honest. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 1.当前社会上存在着多不诚实的现象2.诚实利人利己,做人应该诚实 写作指导:写文章之前,应该先花上一分钟时间好好地审一下题。这是一篇 命题作文,题目是It Pays to......+阅读



When it es to honesty, quite a lot of people believe it is essential to a persons character and success.

They base their idea on the following reasons: on one hand, successful business owes much to mutual trust; on another hand, great people in history such as Abraham Lincoln andGee Washington set us good examples of being honest, they are great because they are honest.

But some people think differently. They believe honesty is being out of date.

Their reasons run as following: to begin with, cheating on exams is being more and more popular; in addition, some singers and movie stars cheat on taxes; last but not the least, if you are not careful enough, youll buy some defective goods and fake products.

It is high time we emphasized and encouraged honesty. We can take effective measures to restore it.

For example, kids should be taught to tell truth, strict rules and regulations should be carried out to stop cheatings on exams and taxes, etc.








Honesty is a good virtue. If you are honest all the time,youll be trusted and respected by others. A liar is always looked down upon and regarded as a black sheep by the people around. Once you lie, people will never believe you even if you speak the truth.

However, in the tide of modity economy today, it seems that more and more people believe in money at the sacrifice of honesty. To them, among such things as health, beauty, money, intelligence, honesty, reputation and talent, honesty is the only thing that can be east away. They dont understand or pretend not to understand that honesty is the biggest fortune humans own, and that it is the prerequisite for doing everything well. I think these people areto be pitied.

In short, honesty is gold. Honest, your reputation will bee great;dishonest, your name will be spoiled and your personality degraded. Therefore, we should never make such an excuse as A little dishonesty is only a trifle thing. We should eradicate immediately the seed of dishonesty once it is sowed in our minds.





Honesty is one of the most valuable personalities of human. Only honesty makes people accepted and trusted by others. Besides, dishonesty does great harm to people. The most classic example is the Cry Wolf, a story about a boy. He paid great price for his dishonesty. There is a say that trust is like a piece of paper, and wrinkles ease also cant restore it the way it was. It suggests that once you treat the other, its hardly for you to get his trust again. Therefore, lets be honest in daily life.





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